This just got real!

So here I am, after years of thinking “I should blog”… this is finally happening! This is all still very new, so please be kind as I stumble my way through a world that is beyond foreign to me. 

I’ve always wondered when following my friends and fellow bloggers, how did they come up with their name??? Often it seems so simple, yet so unique to them. So in the event you are wondering where I would randomly come up with “afterthebend”, let me assure you that it was not my first- nor was it even my eighth choice. “After the bend” has become a frequent statement in our home on giving directions to service companies, friends and family to get to our acreage. You see our little road is a dead-end, and there are only a few of us that are along with road (so private and peaceful). We are the second house on the left- however there is an access area into some stables that many consider a driveway, so to save our neighbours unnecessary visits- we’ve just gotten into the habit of saying “second driveway on the left after the bend”. So there- the great mystery has been exposed (as I’m sure you were all very curious lol!)

As I dive into this online world- I hope that you will enjoy our funny farm (this is the best way I describe our crazy little life) and our adventures together in our mission to live a healthier, happier and simple life.