I recently was able to admit that no matter what it was, I never quite felt ‘enough‘. As a Mother, a Wife, an employee, an attempted homesteader and lastly hidden way down somewhere an individual- I feel the strain of wanting to be everything to everybody, but truly only capable to give 75% at any given time to any specific thing.

Our modern day society puts so much pressure on ‘being’ that I believe you unintentionally get so caught in striving to do more that we neglect the basics and simplicity of life.

I don’t know where this image originated from that we could be a gardening housewife with a picturesque home accompanied with a hot, home cooked organic meal by 5:30, maintain a full-time career, regularly give to the community, keep up a fitness regimen, entertain the pets and still be the best Mother to my children- but damn, it’s getting tiresome, and this Momma is diving straight into a burnout. And friends- it’s not that I don’t want to see you, I’m still trying to schedule in a haircut sometime before next season.


You are persuaded to be so much- be thrifty, be giving, be unique, be smart, be innovative, be an environmentalist, be opinionated, be conservative, be more- but caution! You should always, always be less. We live and work a 24/7 culture with so much persuasion by social media, which is a finger click away. Truly it is a wonderful resource to share, network, communicate and inspire- however it is also a gateway to an overwhelming desire to keep up with the Joneses. Only this isn’t your next door neighbour, it’s an entire community of friends, family and complete strangers. (Oh the irony that this is via ‘WordPress‘!)


When I’m struggling within, I turn for advice to one person I know that has survived those very same struggles- my Mom. Her advice to me was ‘you can do anything, but not everything. Know your limits, appreciate them and work within your capacity.’ (I think this mentality is what makes her such a great nurse- and role model).

She also told me that ‘no matter what you do, it will always seem like something is falling through the cracks’. So I’m translating this to mean that some days the boys are probably going to watch too much TV, my house will remain in a constant state of disarray, my body is probably going to stay soft and squishy, eggs are acceptable for both breakfast and lunch (hey- and free too!) and one day hopefully, the boys will appreciate the real life experiences over some scheduled extracurriculars.

Don’t get me wrong- I would love nothing more than to do it all and keep up with ‘Super Mom‘, but for today, we’ll just settle for ‘enough’.